What I made on my holidays

Between gazing at the fantastic views and leaping off the boat for a wander round whatever little place we had stopped at (even if just for 15 minutes), I was very busy with hook and needles.

I completed a pair of socks for Mr Snail:

Arctic Awakening Socks: knitted in Noro Taiyo yarn

Arctic Awakening Socks: knitted in Noro Taiyo yarn

With the left-overs, Auguste got a hat and scarf set:

Noro yarn crochet hat and scarf

Noro yarn crochet hat and scarf

I made a start, and good progress, on the Bavarian crochet lap blanket that has been in the planning stage for ages. I bought the yarn (Baa Ram Ewe Titus) on my 2014 trip to Wonderwool, so it has taken me a whole year to get round to using it.

Currently it's 56cm across. The colours are Eccup, Bramley Baths and Filey

Currently it’s 56cm across. The colours are Eccup, Bramley Baths and Filey.

Plus I made a single sock in Schoeller + Stahl Fortissima Mexiko sock yarn, which is lovely to knit up (unlike the Noro, which I was not impressed with):

One less-than subtle sock with the completed Noro pair

One less-than-subtle sock (shade 9070) with the completed Noro pair

I really must make the second sock, otherwise Mr Snail will have to hop!

Since we got back, I’ve been looking at patterns for my Norwegian yarn and I thought I might try this one… these will be for me, as Mr Snail has had a pair and  half out of the holiday already!!

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  1. You have been busy!! Love the lap blanket pattern. xx

  2. I love all the fancy footwork! And I particularly think that you deserve a pair of socks as a matter of priority, after all your hard work.

  3. Wow, you were so prolific that I am surprised that you had time to do with anything other than knit. ☺️ I think I have seen that Noro yarn. I wondered how smooth it would be to knit.

  4. The Bavarian lap blanket is lovely
    I am very tempted!

  5. The blanket is turning out wonderfully well! You got a lot done!

  6. I’d ask ” Why are you working on holiday” if I didn’t know how much you enjoy it. Just don’t miss any of the sights you’re meant to share.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

  7. I love it all! Especially the hat and sweater on the bear. Just too sweet. Real socks! What do they feel like?? So cute and the Bavarian blanket is lovely and I like the colors. Have a wonderful non-holiday.

  8. I take it “Schoeller + Stahl” is a German brand Ms Snail? My maiden name is “Stahl” and I have German heritage. Glad to hear it behaved itself for you (unlike Noro ;). I would LOVE to make gorgeous socks like that. Is it hard? When I say that, what I am actually asking you is “can I, as a beginner knitter, who can only “knit” and “purl” ever hope to create something that looks, feels and acts like a sock if I attempted this?” Auguste is rocking his ensemble like a boss by the way 🙂

    • It is, indeed, German… and behaves perfectly on the needles.
      Once you get the hang of dpns, sock knitting is quite straightforward – most of the time you only knit (purls only needed for the rib at the top), because you are working round and round in a spiral. I rarely use fancy stitches, but I do like to use self-patterning yarn (there’s loads of choice). The pattern I use is so simple that I can remember what to do without the written version now. My one recommendation is to get some good needles – I use 15cm KnitPro Symphony (wooden) ones – generally four or five at a time (depending on the number and distribution of the stitches), which sounds challenging, but is fine once you have cast on and joined the stitches into a ring. Give it a go – make some chunky bed socks first and do a gusset heel, which I think is the easiest.

  9. I have heard this about Noro from several knitters now and even though the yarn looks lovely I would not be tempted by it any more! The Bavarian is looking lovely! I have just rescued my latest one from the bottom of the yarn basket and must now hook on quickly in order to get it finished for the recipient! Also have a sweater, several Mimi mittens another Lace Leaf shawl and something for me all in varying stages. I need a cruise down the fjords!!

    • I have to confess that it was a real joy to have all those days when I could just create without all the other demands.
      I bought the Noro yarn because I was looking for something that would be suitable for spring/summer socks as the woolly ones are too warm. Mr Snail says they feel nice to wear, but I think they look messy (they make it look like my knitting is uneven, which it isn’t) and the yarn is such a pain to use as it constantly twists itself into a knot. However, I also have a ball of Schoeller + Stahl mainly cotton yarn and, after the performance of their wool yarn, I have high hopes for this. Like you, though, I must finish some project before I start any new ones!

      • I am knitting with milk cotton and also bamboo – both are absolutely delightful! [Even though the bamboo tends to split if you aren’t mindful.]

  10. My hubby would love those socks!!

  11. I really like the bright socks. Auguste must be the best kitted out bear in the universe (not to mention highly literate and well-traveled).

  12. Beautiful Bavarian! And Auguste looks suave in his hat and scarf. The well-travelled bear . . . Your socks are wonderful, too. I like the self-patterning yarn, but must have some OCD in my makeup – I usually start two pieces at the same point in the colours so they end up matching. And me, so not matchy-matchy in other respects . . .

    I, too, love sock knitting, but haven’t done it for years. I do have two balls of sock yarn waiting for me once the afghans are done and the barn cardi is at least being worked on.
    I think your holiday is just perfect, giving you time without responsibilities; just what any creative person needs, at least sometimes. My time with my Aunty was like that. Knit and chat or crochet and chat (and, for a while, sew and chat). I love that you were able to look up at the stunning Norske landscape while working; what a treat! ~ Linne

  13. Love the less-than-subtle, in particular.
    Glad you had a lovely holiday.

  14. Sounds like my kind of holiday! 😀


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