Beauty and the beasties

After a sad beginning, the end of this week has been brightened up by several things.

First, all the lovely words you have written here; I was particularly cheered by the comments on my very gloomy post on Tuesday. So many people took the time to write and to send positive thoughts. Thank you one and all.

Then, I set about creating something beautiful…

Lovely colours, lovely pattern

Lovely colours, lovely pattern

Despite finding the pattern a little challenging, my Spatterdash wrist warmers are progressing well… or at least the first one is. I have the edging and the thumb to complete before finishing them off with some antique black glass buttons from my button stash. I have decided that the world simply cannot contain too many beautiful objects.

And yesterday, in the post, I received something that made me smile and even laugh out loud: a 2016 Beastie calendar.

Hello Explorer Beastie!

Hello Explorer Beastie!

Have you met Crawcrafts Beasties? If not, do pop over to their blog to see what they have been up to recently and I’ll guarantee that you will smile too. I’ve been following their exploits and the birth of new beasties for a while now, and was delighted to discover that a calendar featuring some of their adventures was available for next year. I just had to order one.

Happiness is...

Happiness is…

So, what has been make you smile this week?

P.S. Please excuse the poor pictures – I may not be gloomy, but the light certainly is!

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  1. Love those Beastie Boys. But my news is bad I am afraid. I have had rats in my utility room. Terrible 😦

  2. I’m a little in love with those wrist warmers – the colour and the pattern are just so beautiful! I’m sure every time you wear them you will feel like a queen!!

  3. nettyg

     /  November 20, 2015

    Oooh happiness is a pair of fancy wrist warmers with black glass buttons! I’ve been smiling because my house is under offer…no more having to endure open house and viewings…..the pest and building inspection has been done and all is ok, so apart from packing, I can relax a bit!!

  4. I’m smiling because things are finally happening on the Chookonia front. It does mean I have to go out in the hot sun to help the Husband dig 8 large post holes, but after that, HandyGeorge is taking over and then all we have to do is construct the chook gate, the person gate and the hatch to the nesting box.

  5. Ahh your comments regarding trying to cheer you up are lovely. Glad your’e feeling a little more like yourself again. Ha ha the beasties look great – how can they not make anyone smile. 😉

    Smiles for me this week have been my daughter feeling content with her first essay that she handed in at University. Another was a student who made me laugh so much whilst reading to me in the library. I was in stitches! Thirdly was a young Friesian heifer who prompt;y poked his head through the hedge at me from our field, when i walked up the path.

    ‘Karen B’ I just want to say I sympathise with you regarding the rats! ironically I posted about my experiences with them yesterday. Yes keep the bait going but if actually inside your house I’d suggest a proper trap. Bait takes a few days to work whereas the trap is instant. The bait should go in your loft space too if your’e able to access it. Good luck!!

  6. What made me smile this week? This post did! Thanks so much for sending some new friends over to visit us at Beastie Towers and for sharing pics of your Beastie calendar on your awesome blog! Today the sun is shining here and the sky is blue, so hopefully less gloomy times are just around the corner 😃

  7. “The world simply cannot contain too many beautiful objects”–yes, exactly–I think this is what we need to hold close to us in these very trying times.

  8. Those are so sweet and I love the colors. I’ve been busy working on things too but haven’t found time to post yet. I’m too busy reading these. You are a wise woman. Now who would have a terrier to loan?? 🙂


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