I jest!

It’s very pleasing to start the week with a successfully completed project. I put my jester work bag through the washing machine again on Saturday (60ΒΊC long wash, along with a pair of jeans and my swimming towel to provide some effective agitation) and it felted beautifully:

It’s worth remembering that this was knitted, so it started life looking like this:


Jester work bag pieces pre-felting

Once it was felted, I draped in over a jam kettle to dry into approximately the right shape:

And then, all that remained this morning was to attach the bells to complete the jester theme:

And this is why it’s a work bag not a handbag (turn your speakers on):

So, thank you Sheepfold for a lovely kit… British wool, fun to make, fabulous colours.


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  1. That is GORGEOUS! And I think it makes a perfect day-to-day bag – you’ll be easy to track if you wander off and get lost….

  2. Its lovely and were I not on a no yarn purchase year I would be very tempted. I will have a birthday though….

    • I’m really pleased with how well the machine felting worked… it’s always nerve-wracking waiting to see how it turns out when it emerges from the washing machine.

  3. That is so delightfully cute! It looks like a fun way to work.

    • It was really enjoyable to make, although I did wonder whether the machine felting the second time might be too harsh since I put it through a long wash cycle. All was well in the end, and it’s made a lovely robust bag.

  4. Ann

     /  January 9, 2017


  5. Lovely! Thanks for sharing the pictures. πŸ˜€

  6. Pleased to hear it can be done without resorting to a dryer. It looks such fun!

  7. That’s awesome. Love the bells.

  8. I love the colours, and the felting process does seem like magic!

  9. Bit of a case of “She shall have music wherever she goes”? It’s a gorgeous bag!

  10. Gorgeous colours!!

  11. Fabulous colors and I love the bells. What a great success. I have never felted anything on purpose, but I’m thinking I should try…

    • Do give it a go… it’s a bit of a worry that you don’t know exactly how it’s going to turn out, but it’s great to take it out of the washing machine and have some beautifully felted wool.

  12. What a delightful bag! I would have to hide that from the cats around here. It’s soft, warm and it tinkles just so. That’s a great little video.

    I’m with you on the colors; they’re gorgeous. What a fun bag and an entertaining post.

  13. Now this is why I wish I could use proper wool in my crochet work πŸ™‚


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