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Like many resources, time is finite. We can’t make more of it, we can only use it better and not waste it.

And so, as Mr Snail disappeared off down the road yesterday afternoon, on his way to new adventures in Reading…

Bye-bye Mr Snail

Bye-bye Mr Snail

…I began to wonder what I was going to do with my week-day evenings for the next six months.

I know that it’s all too easy to feel sad about being alone and I don’t want to focus on the negative aspects of this time, so I have decided to make a list of all the things that I want to achieve… and we’ll see in March whether I have done any of them!

Well, to start off with, there are a few pressing activities that I need to complete:

  • I've made a few more squares

    I’ve made a few more squares

    Finish Mr Snail’s birthday slippers (late already, although the yarn only arrived last Friday and his birthday was on Saturday… more on this exciting yarn in a future post)

  • Β Create lovely things for the Contented Crafter to add to her danglers (keep forgetting about this, but at least I have now decided what to make her)… it really does make sense if you are in the know, just ask NarfΒ over at Serendipity Farm
  • Make another few squares for our fund-raising blankets, as there was a call put out for more just the other day (fortunately this is easy and I have already made a small pile of them)

And then there’s some of the on-going projects to continue with:

  • Continue to work on my sofa covers (this is a HUGE project)
  • Work on my tapestry cushion cover
  • Make more items to sell
  • Finish writing up the roosting pouch pattern (nearly done) and then test it

Plus I want to make a start on the Bavarian Crochet blanket that I bought yarn for at Wonderwool.

And that’s just the crafty things… there’s also gardening to continue with and lovely activities like choosing and ordering seeds. Plus, I need to make (yet) more soup for the freezer (there are STILL courgettes to be processed), and get on with apple processing (I’m coming over soon, Perkin!)

I find that it helps to write things down like this – it feels like I’ve made a commitment to each project… which is exactly why you don’t see ‘paint the hallway’, ‘shampoo the carpets’ and ‘tidy up’ on my lists!

So, I’ve taken over the sofa with yarn and Mr Snail will just have to squeeze in next to it at the weekends!

Heaps of yarny goodness

Heaps of yarny goodness


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  1. My son is in Reading, small world hey. My oh is away during the week, so know the Sunday feeling. And Thursday night is spent clearing up my various projects so he can sit down in comfort. Good luck with all the projects.

  2. Aw, you will get lonely sometimes, it’s good he can get home for the weekends.

  3. You are MAKING me something for the dangler? πŸ˜€ Hallooo-Hallay!! The fabulous Narf’s fabulous idea is just taking wings – this will be such a fabulous ‘dangler of international happiness’ as has ever been seen before πŸ™‚ So exciting!!

    It must be very hard for you waving Mr Snail off – but that sofa covered with yarn looks like bliss to me! You are making a Bavarian – I love mine, it is the most used throw in the house by all members both human and animals! I want to make more – it occurs to me one could make squares and sew ’em altogether to create a bed cover or couch cover too – wouldn’t that be wonderful!

    I make lists too – it keeps me on track and organised especially when I am either too busy or not motivated enough – I like the checking and ticking off as done part πŸ™‚

    I look forward to seeing Mr Snails slippers – that is something I have never done!!

  4. You could always chat to me over the waves, as I’m also on my own in the evenings, though I should be writing, reading, editing photos, cooking nourishing things, going to dance class, riding my bike and getting more sleep…

    • Ah yes… all those things we ‘should’ be doing.
      I think you are currently six hours behind us, so our evenings don’t quite coincide, but Kate Chiconi is nine hours ahead of me and we still manage to Skype sometimes.

  5. The Diggers Spring catalogue is just out – do you want to take a look online and see if there’s anything you want for next year? My handiwork world is slowly contracting, ready to be put into boxes for a short time. I have Amistad still out, still being hand quilted (10 more blocks to go…) and the next embroidery project, which is small and portable. Everything else has to be packed. 😦 I do know the luxury of the sofa all to yourself, something I get 4 days out of 12 when the HoC is driving at night!

    • Ah, but just think of all that space to spread out your work once the move is over!
      I will browse the Diggers catalogue a bit later and be in touch… right now, however, I’m supposed to be editing a thesis from Sweden…

      • Oh, you really do know how to have a good time! Speaking of space to work, I’ll be posting shortly and you’ll see the vast acreage of bench space I currently enjoy in my kitchen. Er, not. I am SO looking forward to moving, it can’t come fast enough, even with all the packing.

  6. Oh that’s tough and 6 months is a long time. I’m glad you’ve got lots of craftiness to keep you occupied which will hopefully make the time pass quick – or at least pleasantly and productively πŸ™‚ My husband (who appears to share the same birthday as Mr Snail) works interstate most weeks and we’re preparing for a busy September and October with his overseas travel too – perhaps I need to make a list too…. πŸ™‚

    • Mr Snail used to work away a lot, but he’s been home for a few years now and so it’s going to take a bit of getting used to again. Still… I was very enthusiastic yesterday evening and made some little gifts plus a big pot of soup. I wonder how long I can keep up the momentum.
      Oh, and Happy Birthday Mr Crush!

  7. I am puffing out like a peacock! I got a mention in this post πŸ™‚ By the way, anyone with any stray sparkly, beady, buttony, unusual weird things laying about who would like to add them to Ms Pauline’s dangler of great international happiness please get in touch. She is going to make the dangler of all danglers and one day we will all get to see her reveal it in all of it’s glory. By the time we finish she will have enough material to make a whole street worth of danglers but that, my dear friends, is another story! The best bit is that you can just shove them in an envelope and get away with cheap postage! “HA to you postal systems of the world that would make sharing such an expensive habit for We the people!” We shall thwart you with our brilliance!

    I just found a strange recipe for making a vegan cheese out of zucchinis. Check it out here…

    By the way I LOVE the name of this blog πŸ˜‰


    Do you know what? I think you guys are going to thrive over the next 6 months. How amazing to have your week days apart and then a communal weekend where you can remember exactly why you love each other and why you want to get together on the weekends. A great chance to build on your relationship :). LOVE the wool all over the sofa…I couldn’t do this. Stevie-boy or not…Early boy would have something to say about it and it would end in tears… my tears, not Earls πŸ˜‰

    By the way “A Bavarian” keeps making me think of “A Brazilian” …hopefully the two are NOT related?!


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