Busy hands

Somehow, I haven’t managed to put fingers to keyboard for nearly three weeks. Although I haven’t been writing, I have been “doing”. So as a gentle return to blog posting, I thought I’d share some of what I’ve been up to…

I’ve finished the hoodie – several times! First, I decided it was too short. So, I put a stripy border on it, but it looked like an afterthought (which, to be fair, it was). I unravelled that and worked a new border in the mixed yarn to match. All done and worn a couple of times before Sam decided to eat the wooden toggles off it when I left it on the bed. New glass toggles bought, and attached and I’m hoping that’s the last time I need to finish it! Of course, as soon as it was completed it for the final time the weather warmed up and it’s been in a cupboard since!

With the warmer weather and all the lovely space in the limery, I have been busy with seed sowing. The peppers, chillies and tomatoes planted earlier in the year are growing, but now there’s lots of pots and trays that we’re watching with avid interest for the first signs of green shoots. Amongst other things, I’ve planted melons, broad beans, coriander, oregano, parsley, courgettes, lettuces and mizuna. There are potatoes chitting and the perennials, including the passion fruit, are growing well. The sunny days have been accompanied by frosty nights, so only a little salad has been sown outside for the time being.

On the craft front, I’ve learned how to crochet star stitch and made a dishcloth to practise; I’m working on a pair of stripy socks; I’ve made another crochet snailvaark; I’ve made several mousevaarks from old socks and given several of them away as gifts; I’ve tested out a crochet pattern from my new friend, Danielle, at The Make It Shop; I’ve sourced jute for my crochet bird roosting pouch kits (on sale soon); and I continue to add a row here and there to the crochet sofa cover.

And then, I’ve also carried on with my letter writing – using real pen and paper. If you’d like a real letter from me, send me your postal address and I will write to you (can’t promise how soon though).

And then, I’ve been doing the laundry, because I’ve finally started sorting the vintage linen hankies and other bits and bobs I’ve been given. I’ve washed and ironed some of the handkerchiefs and I’m currently in the process of describing them and photographing them ready for listing on etsy. It’s very time-consuming, but I really want them to find homes where they will be treasured.

So what with all that and the swimming and working (yes, I still do that too!), the last few weeks have just slipped away…

However, more regular blogging will now resume!

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  1. I love that the old Mousevaarks are supervising the making of the new Mousevaarks 🙂
    Good to hear – and see – your crafty and horticultural news

  2. Well hello! What a busy time you have had. Sometimes life just gets real busy. Love the story of the hoodie toggles!

    • Sam was in disgrace for some time… I should know betrer than (a) to use wood and (b) when I have, to leave it in the reach of eager teeth, Ah well – I like the blue glass.

  3. Welcome back to the blogosphere, where you have been missed. You certainly weren’t idle in your e-silence, were you? Gorgeous old linen hankies, I think they should go well in your Etsy shop, along with all the other fabulousness. I’d love a letter, by the way, and I think you already have my address, but if not, let me know – and expect one in return!

  4. The Limery is really coming into its own now! You have been so busy and it is wonderful to see all your various creations. The little anipals are just wonderful too- you have such a talent in creating these little treasures! I hope you have a wonderful Spring, filled with growing and doing and swimming and writing……. Enjoy! xoxo

  5. Yes, you have indeed been busy. Love the finished hoodie. It will get cool again for a bit before turning unbearably warm. Your sock creatures are ADORABLE. I wish I had someone small enough to enjoy one. I must say though, the hankies are what draws my eye. I have been collecting them for quite some time to put into a vintage style quilt with a lot of embroidery. I usually find one or two at an antique store when I get there. I’ll look for them on Etsy. The planting looks like it’s going well. This will be the first full season for the Limery, right?

  6. Well, with all that you’ve achieved no-one can accuse you of skiving.Your ‘vaarks’ are tremendous and fun to look at and I love the edging work on the linen handkerchiefs.
    xxx Sending Massive Hugs xxx

    • Hope all is well with you David – as well as not writing, I haven’t been reading either, so I’m a bit out of touch with how all my blogging friends are.

  7. Well! I think you can be forgiven for not blogging when you’ve been so very productive elsewhere! It’s fun to see all the evidence of your busy hands and, of course, I’m especially interested in the vintage hankies. The world seems awash in pretty old hankies–I hope you find good homes for yours.

    • I guess no one uses them any more. I have some lovely lace, embroidery and other bits and bobs too – all of which needs washing and pressing before it’s fit to sell or give away. I might have one of the hankies framed as a memento of the lady they came from.

      • I offer a few hankies on Etsy, among the other linens. I’ve never really been able to convince myself they’re worth the time and trouble to clean/iron/photograph/list for the few dollars I can get for them. But then I find one I especially like and I do go through the process . . .

  8. I had a dog some years back that taught me to keep wooden items above nose level. Never quite understood the attraction. 🙂 So good to see things getting started in the limery and garden. We’re just getting some wild flowers starting up. Another month we’ll be putting things out.


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