Three Things Thursday: 23 March 2017

*three things that make me smile: an exercise in gratitude – feel free to steal this idea with wild abandon and fill your blog with the happy*

Inspired by Emily of Nerd in the Brain here are my Three Things Thursday.

First, a new vaark for a new friend. I made this little creature on Sunday and on Monday it went in the post to make a new friend smile:

A new vaark ready for the world

Second, seed saving. Last year I saved seeds from the melons that I grew. The variety, Green Nutmeg, came from the Heritage Seed Library and so it’s particularly pleasing to have a new generation germinating this year. I have loads of these seeds, so if anyone in the UK would like some, just let me know and I’ll put a few in the post.

Green Nutmeg melon seedlings

Third, a rare carnivore. I have lots of sundews and pitcher plants in the limery, and whilst they present some challenges, they generally seem to be doing ok. The Venus Fly Traps are a bit more of a challenge, but I have three small ones. My favourite carnivore, though, is much more tricky to care for. The Monkey Cup can’t stay in the limery over winter as it’s too cold – it has to come and live in my office on the window sill. I’m very happy, therefore, to be able to return it to the limery this week and to note that it’s getting bigger and looks really rather healthy:

Monkey Cup (Nepenthes ventricosa x talangensis)

So, those are three things making me smile and for which I am grateful this week – what about you?

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  1. Laurie Graves

     /  March 23, 2017

    All things to be grateful for. That vaark is adorable!

  2. Grateful to be alive today and for the resilience of people. Finally my husband has got himself a shredder and the Beacon he was building in the back garden is reducing in size to be used as a mulch! Your plants look amazingly healthy and I love the vaark!

  3. Love the vaark!

  4. I’m grateful for excellent weather forecasting, I’m grateful to have a caravan to use as a bolt hole, and I’m grateful this is only the first major cyclone warning of the season, instead of the third or fourth…
    I do love your little grey vaark with his cheerful ears. He cannot fail to make his new companion happy 🙂

  5. I spent a lovely day having lunch with a friend and then looking at a fantastic exhibition of art created by Aboriginal women. And your vaark made me smile too!

    • Oooh, how lovely. I have been smiling a lot too about the sketchbook arriving here. I’ve not had time to settle down and look at it all in detail yet, but it truly is a wonderful thing. I’m also smiling because I now have an idea about my contribution.

  6. The vaark is adorable! You are so talented with your creatures. Nice that things are warming up and starting to grow again.

  7. Hello, new Vaark! She’s adorable 😀 I’m also very intrigued by your monkey cup… I’ve never seen one before! How does it catch its food?


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